DOC Spinal Decompression System

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Simply the best decompression system in the market. Unique therapeutic possibilities and unbeatable price.

Take your medical practice to the next level with DOC Decompression table. The unique design of the new DOC utilizes a state-of-the-art digital command center for specific vertebral targeting, seperate lumbar and cervical decompression programming and continuous readout and graphing of treatment protocols. In addition, the digital command center also controls table elevation and rear flexion all at the push of a button.

The decompression systems available in the market today, all state that they perform decompression therapy but this statement is not true. Most of them do not achieve at all or only on a very small amount. And this is because every system incorporates a different method of performing decompression. The most common is the use of a pulling rope whose angle with the patient's body is altered in order to achieve vertebral targeting.

What is decompression?
Decompression is the increase of the distance between the vertebrae which is achieved by applying stretching power to the spinal column. This results in the supply of the intervertebral disks with oxygen, blood and nutritients which trigger the healing process for conditions like degenerated disk, bulging disk, harnieted disk (protruded-extruded-sequestraded), thinning disk, spinal stenosis, facets problems and tighten spinal muscles. The stretching power must be applied in a manner that will not trigger the autonomous nervous system which contructs the spinal muscles and leads not to the decrease of pressure in the intervertebral disks which is the desireable result of decompression, but to the opposite result of increasing the pressure in the intervetebral disks.

The core difference between DOC and any other decompression system is that the pulling action is applied by the actual cervical and pelvic sections of the table which additionally have the possibility to change their position in the 3D space. This gives the advantages of:
- being able to set the spinal column to the exact position according to the personalized therapy parameters of each patient through the choice of flexion angle (cervical and lumbar), axial rotation angle (lumbar) and latelar flexion angle (lumbar). The choice of axial rotation is unique only with the DOC
- a feedback loop system that monitors all the time the applied force to the spine and perform corrections when detects the unwanted spinal muscle trigerring. The detection and the correction are done very rapidly in order to be effective and this is possible only because the actual sections of the table are the medium-contact mean with the body of the patient

Other impressive DOC features:

• Digital Command Center with 8" color touch screen
• Continuous readout and graphing of treatment parameters and applied force
• Angle indicators for lumbar flexion, axial rotation and cervical flexion
Specific vertebral targeting by choosing the intervetebral disk and automated movement of the pelvic section to the right lumbar angle accordingly
• Separate lumbar and cervical decompression programming where the therapist can set any pulling protocol parameter
• Pre-programmed lumbar and cervical decompression protocols
• Customizable treatment protocols with extensive parameter settings such as ramp up and ramp down slope, pre-tension force, hold and release times
• Special traction belting system which offers quick set up and enhanced restraint for optimal decompression
• Special cervical capture headpiece for cervical decompression with adjustable opening, comfortable support cushion and restraining strap for higher comfort, reduced slipping and pressure
• Knee support cushion which provides patient comfort and maximum hip flexion
• Build-in safety features
• Electric table elevation with ability for automatic transition to maximum height
• Capability for treatment in supine or prone position for optimal patient positioning
• Reference library including patient setup, training, medical images and tutorials
• Possibility to dynamically change the axial rotation and lateral flexion during treatment
• Durable vinyl upholstery, puncture resistant with wide color selection
• FDA and CE certification 

Table Dimensions:
- Retracted lenght: 196cm
- Extended lenght: 219cm
- Max lenght with touch screen arm: 234cm
- Pelvic cushion width: 69cm
- Thoracic/ Lumbar cushion width: 61cm
- Cervical cushion width: 44cm
- Hand pad to hand pad width: 77cm
- Hand pad to touch screen arm (max width): 112cm
- Standard height to top of cushion (min): 54cm
- Standard height to top of cushion (max): 74cm
- Standard height to top of touch screen arm: 92cm


Pivotal Health Solution, Inc welcomes Dr.Bryan Hawley as a consultant and educational support for the DOC Decompression System

Every new DOC comes with standard 90 days support with Dr.Bryan Hawley

Pivotal Health Solutions, a leading provider of products to the health and wellness industry, has agreed to a consultant agreement with Dr.Bryan Hawley. Dr.Hawley has been treating patients with decompression therapy for well over 15 years and has logged over 4500 individual decompression visits. Dr.Hawley will serve as a consultant and provide educational support for any purchase of DOC decompression table.

Guarantee time:
1 year
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