NEW!! BME00101 Portable Electrotherapy Unit 4-Channels Electrostimulation TENS+EMS 39 Programs

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The BME0101 is a 4 channel electrotherapy with TENS electrostimulation currents for pain and EMS for muscle contraction. The 4 channels offer the possibility to apply therapy in 4 different areas at the same time, while its small size and rechargeable battery allow applications in any site, privately after training or for home treatments with a physiotherapist. It is a complete portable device with 39 different therapy protocols that cover an extensive range of the most common muskuloskeletal indications but also treatments for muscle strengthening, performance enhancement, toning, firming, aesthetic medicine or degenerated muscles. An innovation of the unit in contrast with other portable electrotherapies and electrostimulators is the possibility to perform treatment at the same time with 2 different therapy programs to 2 different body areas. This is done by choosing different programs to the 2 channels from the other two, thus providing time saving and flexibility. The BME0101 address the needs of physiotherapists for professional usage, for trainers, for athletes either sports professionals or not, for aesthetics and also home care. The electrotherapy or therapy with currents or electrostimulation is an old, well accepted, physical therapy modality, without any complications and easy to apply. An electrostimulator very often is a better therapeutic solution than drug therapy. The most crucial factor for the effectiveness of the treatment is the quality of the currents produced from the unit. The BME0101 emmits clean currents, highly specified as defined from the international quality standards and literature, in comparison with other portable devices in the market, TENS, electrostimulators etc. 

- 4 independent electrostimulation channels with seperate intensity control and possibility for different programs to channels A&B from channels C&D
- Types of currents TENS and EMS
- 39 therapy protocols preconfigured for applications:
SPORTS (13): potentiation, endurance, resistance, strength, explosive strength, fartlek, concentric, eccentric, plyometric, hypertrophy, stretching, active recovery, regeneration
FITNESS (3): muscle starter, muscle building, aerobic
AESTHETIC (3): muscle tone, muscle firming, shaping
VASCULAR (4): capillarization, lumphatic drainage, deep cramp prevention, heavy legs 
MASSAGE (3): relaxing massage, reviving massage, toning massage
PAIN (10): sophisticated tens, endorphins, contracture, cervical pain, thoracic back pain, low back pain, lumbosciatica, lumbago, arthitis, epicondylitis
REHABILITATION (3): disuse atrophy, muscle growth, reinforcement
- 7 different body areas to choose application graphically displayed on screen
- 1 up to 5 level selection for SPORTS programs
- Large LCD screen blue backlitted where all parameters are displayed
- PAUSE function during therapy
- Battery indicator on screen
- Automatic shut off after 2min idle
- Rechargeable Ni-MH battery long duration with each charge
- Includes power supply that connects directly with the device for battery charging
- Includes carrying case with pockets for the unit and its accessories 

- Battery: Ni-Mh rechargeable 6V/1.6A 
- Power supply: 7.5V/1.0A
- Dimensions: 150x90x35mm(LxWxH) 
- Weight: 410gr with batteries
- Output: 0-90mA for 1000Ohm load on each channel
- Frequency: 1-120Hz
- Pulse duration: 100-400usec 

Standard accessories:
8 x Adhesive electrodes 50x50mm
4 x Electrodes cables pin-2mm (black/red)
1 x Rechargeable battery
1 x Power supply 
1 x Carrying case
1 x User manual

Guarantee time:
1 year
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