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"One of the most powerful Cold Laser System you can buy..." Apollo manufactures one of the most powerful, cold lasers on the market.

The Apollo Portable Laser features:
- Weighting only 1kg, the Apollo laser is the lightest, most powerful, portable laser you can buy
- Custom carrying case allows for easy travel from office to office and out in the field
- Perfect for multi-office use and practitioners that require the flexibility of a portable system
- Externally and battery powered with NiMH Rechargeable Cells
- Battery life based on probe use: (500mW probe ~ 100 four min. treatments; 3000mW probe ~ 80 two min. treatments)
- Battery charge ircuitry: fast charge 3 hours; trickle charge overnight; charge and test battery mode

All Apollo Laser Systems Feature:
- LCD display that provides probe status and treatment times
- User controlled treatment times selectable between 10 secs and 2 mins
- Built in safety and fault detection software
- Built in power test for assessing probe output
- Durable aerospace quality aluminum assembly
- ISO 13485 quality assured manufacturing

All Apollo Laser Systems Incluse:
- Apollo Control Unit, Desktop or Portable
- Choice of laser probes: 3000mW, 500mW
- Power Adapter
- Probe cable
- 1 pair of safety goggles
- Laser carrying case
- Book: Light & Laser Therapy Clinical Procedures
- Laser tutorial DVD with systems 

Specifications Portable Control Unit
Dimensions: 24x13x6cm
Weight: 1.13kg 


Apollo Cold Laser

Apollo Physical Therapy Laser Products was founded in 2006 by clinical practitioners and engineering professionals with 30 years of experience in developing and using advanced laser systems. Located near San Francisco, the company has grown to become a leading provider of cold laser therapy systems for pain and healing for a wide range of chronic and acute syndromes and diseases.

Apollo manufactures the most powerful, FDA and CE cleared, cold lasers on the market. Producing pure infrared laser energy, it provides rapid treatment times of two to four minutes. Phenomenal results are achieved quickly making for an efficient use of both practitioners' and patients' time.

The Apollo laser efficiently harnesses advanced Class 4 laser technology. Using Apollo's perfect marriage of power and wavelength, you are assured of fast, safe, comfortable treatments, exceptional clinical results and an impressive bottom line. And unlike hot Class 4 lasers, the Apollo is cool, safe and effective.

How does COLD Laser Therapy work?

Cold laser therapy is a form of phototherapy or light therapy. The cold laser device produces a beam of light, which is applied over the injured area to stimulate healing. There is no pain with the treatment.

When laser light is absorbed by a living tissue, it triggers biological reactions in the cells. Chemical substances are produced, released and carried by the blood and lymphatic flow to other parts of the system. In this way the effects of cold laser light may not be only local, but can also achieve wide systematic physiological responses: reduction in pain by causing production of natural pain killers endorphins. Reduction in inflammation by suppresing inflammatory enzymes that create swelling, redness, apin and heat. Enhanced lymphatic drainage, which increases circulation and speeds healing. Release of tight muscles that create chronic pain, joint problems and decreased mobility. Faster bone repair by stimulating fibroblastic and osteoblastic proliferation.

How is Apollo different from other lasers?

Apollo has created the most powerful cold laser therapy products available on the market today. With over 20 years of collaborative engineering and practitioner experience, Apollo provides you with the safest and most effective laser products you can buy.

Power is inversely proportional to the treatment time. This means that more powerful lasers require less treatment time. To relieve pain, the 3000mW laser can require 1-2 minutes and a 100mW laser requires 20 to 30 times that. This saves you time and anhances the patient experience.

Lightweight: The Apollo portable weights 1.13kg!

Choices: Our new product line features both a lightweight portable laser as well as the PowerMAX desktop

Price: With Apollo you get the most powerful Class 4 laser on the market at a Class 3 price

Quality: Apollo uses premium medical grade Class 4 laser diodes that provide extra long life and reliability. The probes are made from Aerospace grade aluminium which means cool durable performance

Proven: A proven track record of 5 years of successful sales

Versatility: Apollo has also created a 500mW laser probe for hand and other small areas. The 250mW with Fine-Tip is ideal for laser acupuncture. The Fine-Tip can be used only with the 500mW probe


Comparison between HOT, COLD and APOLLO therapeutic lasers:

Advantages HOT lasers:
- Very powerful lasers
- Production of heat, independent of laser stimulation, which is analgetic but it is a secondary effect that can be produced with other means of heat therapy much more economical
- Very effective if used properly

Disadvantages HOT lasers:
- Very expensive
- Can produce burns, eye damage, increase of symptoms, retard healing
- Need for keeping the probe moving which result in longer treatment times

Advantages COLD lasers:
- Less expensive from hot lasers
- Effective stimulating healing
- No side effects

Disadvantages COLD lasers:
- low power can be slow at redusing pain
- longer treatment times

Advantages of APOLLO lasers:
- Much less expensive than HOT and much more power than other COLD. Class 4 laser at a Class 3 laser price
- Same effectiveness at reducing pain as a HOT but with more safety and cost of a cold laser
- Portable and desktop units with maximum user friendliness and easy of application
- Low weight and small dimension. Can be placed at waist holder for full applications' portability
- 2 channel desktop unit that can treat two patients at the same time or one with 8000mW when using two 4000mW probes
- Almost impossible to cause burns, no worry about eye demage or injury and fast treatment times
- Multiple treatment probes for any type of condition 


3000mW Cluster Probe:
- Applicator type: 3000-C
- Emitter wavelenght: 810nm
- Beam divergence: 9x38 degrees
- Total power output: 3000mW
- Polarization: Linear
- Spot size: 2.7x21mm, 0.567cm2
- NOHD: 80cm
- Treatment time for 4J/cm2: 2.11 sec
- 1/e2 Power density (Irradiance): 1.19W/cm2
- Total energy delivery per minute: 180 Joules, 72J/cm2
- Emitter type: GaA1As semiconductor laser
- Number of emitters: 4
- Optical output power per emitter: 750mW
- Aperture: 25mm
- Laser classification: Class 4
- Safety goggle requirement: OD4 minimum @ 810nm

500mW Cluster Probe:
- Applicator type: 500-S
- Emitter wavelenght: 810nm
- Beam divergence: 9x38 degrees
- Total power output: 500mW
- Polarization: Linear
- Spot size: 1.7x9.5mm, 0.161cm2
- NOHD: 80cm
- Treatment time for 4J/cm2: 1.43 sec
- 1/e2 Power density (Irradiance): 2.79W/cm2
- Total energy delivery per minute: 30 Joules, 167.4J/cm2
- Emitter type: GaA1As semiconductor laser
- Number of emitters: 1
- Optical output power per emitter: 500mW
- Aperture: 9.5mm
- Laser classification: Class 4
- Safety goggle requirement: OD4 minimum @ 810nm

Guarantee time:
2 years
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