WINTECARE T-PLUS Tecar Therapy Device

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WINTECARE T-PLUS represents the state-of-the-art in tecar technology.

Stimulating blood perfusion with electromagnetism, T-Plus accelerates the physiological processes underlying function recovery, achieves great results in terms of biomechanics, and improves metabolism.

The device mobilizes electrolytes in biological tissue, and stimulates blood perfusion in carefully targeted parts of the body. The therapist can increase and control important body responses, achieving great results in terms of biomechanics, inflammatory process management, tissue oxygenation, regeneration and healing process support.

Experimentation with materials, scientific analysis of the body's physiological response to stimulation and world-class engineering drawn from decades of experience in the field of radiofrequency put WINTECARE one step ahead when it comes to what really counts: reaction speed.

Maximal nominal and effective strength, optimized contact sufrace, powerful capacitice mode that does not require conductive cream owing to the new coating material selected exclusively by WINTECARE and excellent micro-circulatory response even without heat are just some of the benefits offered by the new T-Plus.

In the hands of the expert, this model can make a huge difference when it comes to improving treatment result times.

- Light and Effective device
- Portable:  Can be carried in flight hand luggage.
- Capacitive Function: It does not need cream, it's effective, fast and safe.
- Hyperflexible Plate: Light, hyperflexible, optimal electrical insulation, tear-resistant cable and plug
- Ultra-Ergonomic Handpieces: Light, ultraergonomic, tear-resistant cable and plug, smooth cables
- Hypothermic and Hyperthermic Electrodes
- Resistive Electrodes: With ergonomic convexity minimized to a few degrees, the resistive electrodes optimize contact with the skin to:
  - grant more efficient energy transfer to tissues along hard structures
  - glide effortlessly along different body surfaces
  - enable a comfortable positioning when working close to the joints
- Hyperthermic Capacitive Electrodes: Coated in a new material exclusively selected by WINTECARE, the hyperthermic capacitive electrodes combine extraordinary capacitance with impeccably designed impedance to:
  - double power efficiency for a given voltage, halving the time required to increase perfusion in soft tissues
  - obtain optimum capacitive effect to improve precision in soft tissues when using a diffuse and in-depth action
  - ensure homogeneous diffusion without the need for conductive cream
- Hypothermic Capacitive Electrodes: The new coating combined with the right core material achieves unparalleled precision, even at low voltages, generating perfect tissue oxygenation and perfusion while eliminating the risk of increasing the amount of joules developed during the process. The device is safe to use even in cases of acute inflammation.

- Medical device: CE certified, Class II B
- Frequency: approx. 0.5MHz
- Power, Cap Voltage: 450VA, 600V
- Power, Res Voltage: 300W, 150V
- Weight: 6.8 kg
- Size: 50x27x19 cm

Accessories included:
- Active electrodes:
   4 Resistive Electrodes,
   2 Hypothermic Capacitive Electrodes,
   5 Hyperthermic Capacitive Electrodes.
- Handles:
   1 Ultra-Ergonomic Capacitive Handpiece,
   1 Ultra-Ergonomic Resistive Handpiece.
- Neutral Electrodes:
   1 HyperFlexible Plate.
- Other:
   Remote control,
   Power supply cable.

The therapist uses T-Plus to quickly stimulate perfusion, vasodilation, temperature variation and drainage within selected tissue. These leverages are used to get effective results in less time.
By controlling the applied voltage, the therapist can control the power generated and the electrolytes mobilized. The more electrolytes mobilized, the more perfusion and joules are developed within the tissue.
In capacitive mode, the charging and discharging cycles of the capacitor induce an attraction - and therefore a concentration - of polarized minerals towards the dielectric material of the capacitive electrode. In resistive mode, there is an attraction – and therefore a concentration – of polarized minerals towards the resistive tissue in the body: bones and other hard structures such as ligaments and tendons. Changing mineral concentration in selected areas of the body triggers complex cellular responses based on the membrane potential threshold mechanisms which, in turn, result in physiological effects such as perfusion, vasodilation, temperature increase and fluid movements.

Guarantee time:
2 years
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