DST-8000 Dynamic Stair Trainer

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DPE, Dynamic Stair Trainer, DST 8000

The DST is a unique combination of electrically adjustastable stairs and parallel bars for comprehensive gait training. It is an advanced cost-effective rehabilitation tool, that allows the patients to realize their full rehabilitative potential. For many years the remarkable Dynamic Stair Trainer has helped millions of patients throughout the world to return to their daily life. The ability to adjust the height of the stairs to the patient's current ability and gradually increase the height between the stairs as the patient progress, is the key factor in the enormous success of this product.
The Dynamic Stair Trainer is the only staircase trainer that helps patients train stair climbing.

- All-in-one solution for gait training & stairs.
- Independent practice. Patients can exercise on their own.
- The height adjustment of the stairs makes it easier to individualize the patient’s treatment in order to accommodate the patient’s needs.
- Increases patient’s motivation. Patients feel less pain, fear or frustration (that come as a result of non adjustable stairs), and have a greater sence of success, security and self confidence.
- Saves therapist's time and effort. Patients don't need to go to a stairwell and at the same time it allows the therapists to gradually increase or dicrease the difficulty of the stairs.
- Accelerates recovery.

DST-8000 Specifications:
- Easy operation (Adjust stair step height with push button hand control)
- Easy handrail adjustment (height and width)
- Large display for easy documentation and patiend motivation
- Anti-slip surface for added safety
- Wheelchair accessible.

- Stair height range: 0-16.5 cm (0-6.5 inches)
- Capacity: 270 kg (600 lbs) static

- Weight: 250 kg (550 lbs)
- Stair width (regular): 74 cm (29 inches)
- Max Width: 90 cm (35.5 in)
- Max Length:
    with regular slope: 250 cm (98.5 in)
    with RSR: 280 cm (110 in)
    with LHR: 310 cm (122 in)

- Electrical requirements: 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 4A max
- Operating interval: 2 min on / 18 min off

- Regulatory compliance: IEC 601-1 CE, UL (motor, controls)
- Worldwide patent FDA
- Color, design and specifications may vary
- Shipment dimensions: 210x104x72cm (83x42x30in)

More patients can benefit from the DST with these optional accessories.

- RSR - Reversible Stair Ramp
A more moderate slope – easier for some patients to negotiate. With the flip of a lever, the RSR can be converted into three additional small stairs. This provides a total flight of seven stairs! Accommodates patients who tolerate a stair over a ramp. Regular ramp has 60cm length and 12 degrees slope, while the RSR is 30cm longer with 8 degrees slope.

- LHR - Long Handrails
Extra long handrails for PTS who wish to expand the use of the DST as regular parallel bars. The LHR is 35cm longer than the regular handrails, giving 273cm of horizontal parallel bars.

- WAH - Width Adjustable Handrail (right/left)
A single WAH allows the therapist to easily narrow the distance between handrails by up to 12 cm (4.7 in). By using two WAHs we can center patients on the stairs and/or accommodate pediatrics, also having a width adjustment range from 57cm up to 105cm, when regular handrails have a distance 81cm .

- CSRC - Convertible Stair Ramp Curb
The Convertible Stair Ramp Curb is a RSR with a curb that improves floor-to-ramp transition of patients. It includes all the benefits of the RSR and many more!

The Dynamic Stair Trainer is essential for General rehabilitation centers, Pediatric rehab centers, Physical therapy departments, Cardiac rehab centers, Sport rehab centers, Skilled nursing and extended care facilities, Outpatient centers.

Guarantee time:
1 year
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