Piezowave 2 Shockwave Therapy System

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The next generation in Piezo Shockwave therapy systems

The latest piezo shockwave generation from Richard Wolf and ELvation - the PiezoWave2 - offers a number of unique new and improved features. The piezo single- and double-layer technology has been used to create a unique, never previously implemented range of optional therapy sources: focussed, planar and – entirely new – linear focussed. With its outstanding performance data and exceptional – guaranteed! – life-span up to 5 million pulses depending on the therapy source, the PiezoWave2 offers the best shockwave source for every indication. Users benefit from the easy-to-operate controls, the automatic therapy source recognition with a plug & play function, and the ELvation ESWT App for iPads conveniently slotted in the tablet PC holder (iPad not included).


New horizons in shockwave therapy

- Focused, linear or planar – the best shockwave for every indication
- Excellent performance with single-layer and double-layer technology
- Piezo-electric “direct focusing” technology – minimal pain during applications
- Well defi ned, precise focus – perfect for diagnosis and therapy
- Uniquely durable therapy source
- Finely adjustable penetration depth using interchangeable gel pads
- Independently adjustable penetration depths and energy levels
- Wide range of energy settings
- Simple operation with App support and Ipad holder
- Plug&Play - therapy source recognition


Piezoelectric technology and advantages:

Piezo-ceramic elements are geometrically arranged on a concave surface so that when they are excited simultaneously by a brief, high-voltage pulse, they expand by a few micrometers to generate a pressure pulse. The piezo elements are precisely aligned so that each pressure pulse generated focuses in a specific area. This precise focusing of the pulse creates a shockwave at the point of focus.
The piezo shockwave’s "direct focusing" technology eliminates the need for additional reflectors resulting in a compact therapy source design and a precise and well defined focal zone. The virtually painless therapy is applied quietly and energy levels can be freely adjusted with almost no adverse effect on the size of the focal zone.
The piezo shockwave technology is extremely durable.
Piezo shockwave therapy sources are available with single-layer or double-layer technology, depending on the required energy levels.

Focused, linear and planar shockwave therapy

The piezo-electric shockwave principle offers an extensive range of shockwave configurations. The only one of its kind in the world, the PiezoWave2 allows users to choose between a classic focused shockwave, a linear focused shockwave, and a planar pressure wave. The right shockwave mode is available for every indication.

Focused shockwave: The focused therapy source of the PiezoWave2 is characterized by its well defi ned and precise focal zone. Well suited for ESWT therapy and diagnosis. Its guaranteed lifespan of up to 5 million pulses is unrivalled.

Linear shockwave: Breaking new ground in shockwave therapy. The unique linear alignment of piezo crystals along the width of the therapy head creates multiple focal zones and provides a larger overall area of shockwave treatment.

Planar pressure wave: The piezo elements of the planar therapy source are not aligned toward a specific focal area; instead a non-focused pressure wave is created which is particularly suitable to increase local blood flow and improve metabolism.


Available treatment sources

FB10G6: Focused shockwave with double layer piezo elements. Adjustable treatment depth from 0 to 60mm

FBL10x5G2: Linear shockwave with double layer piezo elements. Adjustable treatment depth from 0 to 20mm

F10G4: Focused shockwave with single layer piezo elements. Adjustable treatment depth from 5 to 40mm

F7G3:  Focused shockwave with single layer piezo elements. Adjustable treatment depth from 0 to 30mm

FP4: Planar pressure wave


Conditions treatable with ESWT:

Tennis elbow

Calcific tendonitis of the shoulder

Golfer's elbow

Trigger point treatment

Pseudarthrosis (non-union)

Greater trochanteric pain syndrome

Patellar tip syndrome

Medial tibial stress syndrome

Plantar fasciitis

Achilles tendinopathy

* Current ESWT research activity to support new indications is focused on wound treatment, dermatology, prostatitis


Myofascial trigger point therapy

Myofascial trigger points (mTrP) are discrete, focal, hyper-irritable spots commonly located in a taut band of skeletal muscle but they may also be found in other soft tissues. They can trigger pain in an affected muscle and/ or associated region even outside the palpated area (referred pain).

With the Piezo shockwave technology trigger points can be located exactly, very easily, fast and even in deeper muscle layers that are not reachable by palpation. Then they can be treated very effectively with impressive therapeutic results even from the first treatment.



Extracorporeal shockwaves can be seen as a mechanical stressor that is able to induce biochemical changes in living tissue and which can ultimately influence gene expression in cells at the molecular level, consequently, when used selectively, they can produce a specific tissue reaction. This process is reffered to as mechanotrasduction.

Scientific studies and publications, using the higly accurate piezo-shockwave technology, have confirmed the effectiveness of focused shockwaves for ESWT as well as trigger point diagnosis and treatment.

ESWT is one of the very few medical technologies that is effective at treating chronic injuries. It is suggested that ESWT can "jump start" the healing process in chronic, non-healing injuries and reintroduce the acute phase of healing


Shockwave technologies

While there are numerous shockwave machines on the market today, they are all based on one of the three shockwave technologies, which are:

- Electrohydraulic

- Electromagnetic

- Piezoelectric

There is a fourth technology - radial shockwave (RSWT) or more accurate described as pressure wave therapy, which differs from true shockwave technology because it does not focus pressure waves to create a shockwave. A review of the waveforms reveals that true focused shockwaves are very short and intense while radial pressure waves are slower, less intense, elongated and more sinusoidal in appearance. Because no actual shockwave is produced with RSWT, and because the waveform is so different, RSWT is not considered a shockwave technology. It is more accurately described as a pressure wave technology, and most researchers now use this term to distinguish it from shockwave technology.

Guarantee time:
2 years
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