IMPULSE Pulsed Cold Compression Therapy

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IMPULSE - innovative medical product that applies concurrently Cold Therapy and Intermittent Compression in a one easy-to-use way by anatomically designed cuffs for different body parts: knee, ankle, shoulder. It is the ideal system for applying the R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) therapeutic protocol which based to extensive literature is regarded very efficient in treating acute and chronic myoskeletal indications and assisting rehabilitation after orthopedic surgeries.

The effects that IMPULSE provides are vasoconstriction, reduce of oedema, lymph drainage, joint pain reduction and muscle spasms, increase of cellular oxygenation. It is extremelly user-friendly with 9 ready-to-use programs, the application is comfortable and one of the major advantages is the portability of the system which comes along with a transport bag for the unit and all the accessories.

IMPULSE is used worldwide from numerous professional and recreational athletes, sports teams, spa and wellness centers, sports centers, physical therapists, rehabilitation centers, clinics, orthopedics, sports medicine doctors and phycisians.

The IMPULSE set includes the following:
- Main device
- 1x Knee Wrap + 1x Shoulder Wrap + 1x Ankle Wrap
- Carrying bag
- Connector Hose
- AC Adapter
- Operating Manual.

Product Features:
- Pulse compression therapy drives cold deep into the injured tissues, can control swelling, oedema, hematoma and pain in the joints.
- Includes 3 types of cuffs (knee, shoulder and ankle attachements) to ensure different body segments can be treated effectively. Cuffs are designed based on the Efficient Liquid Flow method and are build on TPU technology with an additional fabric insulation layer. Cuffs allow patients to freely move their joints.
- 9 different modes which allow to set the pressure level and time. It automatically alternates treatment and sleep time for higher efficiency and user friendliness.
- LCD display for easy usage and parameters check, and constant temperature display for control.
- Portable carrying bag make therapeutic treatment more convenient.
- Whisper quiet built-in pump which provides steady and highly effective application.
- Leak-proof Click-On-Off quick-disconnect connectors allow the cuffs to be detached from the system at any time during treatment to allow movement as needed.

Technical specifications:
- Universal Voltage: AC100V~240V/50-60Hz
- DC Input Voltage: 12V/2A
- Pulse Pressure Range: 60mmHg-120mmHg
- Temperature range: 0°C-25°C
- Capacity: 3.6l (maximum)
- Noise: below 55dB
- Dimension: 240x178x202mm
- Weight: 1,87kg (empty)

The IMPULSE Cold and Compression Therapy Machine is hospital grade equipment suitable also for direct use from end-users on their own like athletes or patients, and it can deliver professional quality treatment whenever and wherever it is needed.

How it works
Therapy is applied through the main unit by filling the insulated tank with cold water and ice. By pressing the Start button starts the fast circulation of water towards and back from the connected cuff that is wrapped around the ingured area through which also pulsed compression is applied.

Pulsed compression is more effective than static as it enhances blow flow and accomodated oedema reduction. IMPULSE is designed to combine the positive effects of pulsed Presso-Therapy and Cold-Therapy for lymph drainage, blood circulation and tissue regeneration.

Guarantee time:
1 year
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