Personal Data Protection

During your visit at and in order to place your orders as well as to assure the possibility of communication with you, you will be asked to give personal data (name, email etc). These data are intended to be used exclusively and only for the specified services provided by our eshop and are not allowed to be retrieved by any third person without abiding by the law 2472/1997 about the protection of personal data.

The eshop is operating according to the current Greek and European legislation and keeps safely your personal data for as long as you are subscribed to any of our services.

The personal data you submit, will be used exclusively by us for supporting you, forwarding and executing your orders. Your data may be revieled only to the appropriate judicial, police or other adminsitration after their legal request and according to the current legislative provisions. The client has, inside the legislative frame about the privacy of communications, the right of briefing and objection as provided by the articles 11 to 13 of the law 2472/1997.

Personal Data

Everyone can browse though our eshop without revieling any personal data. Your personal data will be asked only in the case you want to place an order or use some other service of the webpage.

Requested Data for Placing an Order

The requested data for placing an order are the email, name, family name, type of document, address, city, country, state/province, zip/postal code, phone and the shipping address, if different from the billing address.

If you are a EU VAT registered company and you ask for an invoice, you will have to submit additional to the former data also the company name, occupation, EU VAT registration number.

In conclusion, we ask only for the least needed information that will enable us to serve you the best way, process your requests and orders.